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Samantha Ratcliffe

I was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Entertainment was a large part of family life and always lively. Our family history of stilt walkers and dancers dating back to the Barnham and Bailey era, so it’s no surprise that my career started in dance. 

Dance took me on an exciting world journey. It wasn’t long before I formed my own production company and worked with an agent I knew in Hong Kong and produced touring shows in Asia. 

For a while, I worked on cruise ships as an Illusionist’s assistant and that’s when I met my lovely husband Jim. He’s a musician in Frankie Moreno’s band. We lived in Nashville after leaving the ships and eventually moved to Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas has now been our home for the past twenty years and presented opportunities galore. 

I’m the host of a pet-centric radio show called Vegas Rock Dog Radio and Fox 5’s Pet Expert. Most recently I worked with ITV on their award-winning show Last Laugh In Vegas. It was the gig of a lifetime working with Cannon and Ball, Sue Pollard, Bernie Clifton, Anita Harris, and other British National treasures.

Ian and I have been friends for years. We’ve worked together and had some truly fun times and we’re about to embark on something special. 

Our next chapter involves our wonderful British Expat community from around the world. It’s always nice to connect with fellow Brits and Anglophile friends and that’s where Spill The Tea comes in. It’s a way to bring us all together over a cup of tea no matter where we are in the world. We’d love for you to join us as we Spill The Tea. 

Ian Herrington

Born in Epsom, Surrey (right next to the race course), I grew up in neighboring Sutton. Started out my career in entertainment as a dancer, that evolved into developing my own variety act which took me all over the globe, before landing in Orlando, Florida and then Las Vegas Nevada, where I've lived for the past 15 years.


Throughout that entire time my business partner, Amanda Deacon and I have had a very diverse career in all areas of the entertainment industry as performers, directors, producers, choreographers, studio owners and makers of stuff!!!

On my travels over the years I've noticed a gravitational pull the British often have towards one another, and how we just 'get it' where others don't. So that's why my good friend Sam and I are excited to share our experiences, as well as those of our guests, and of course yours too, as we collectively look at the world through a common lens... A British lens!

Welcome to the Spill The Tea community.


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